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    Alisha Liston is a young actress, singer and songwriter who is full of energy, passion for life and people.

    Alisha started singing at age 4.  Determined to perfect her on-stage performance, she began working with actress and coach, Mary McDonough.  Shortly thereafter, Mary encouraged her to make the move into acting.

    Since then Alisha has performed in many projects including: over ten (10) different theater productions; she sang on Jimmy Kimmel; played Simone in the Lifetime Movie, Killer Reputation; voices Zoey, the ambulance in Super Wings! Season 3; and has appeared in numerous commercials.  

    Alisha's love for music and making a positive difference in young people has inspired her to self-release four (4) original songs and music videos.

    Alisha's first song "Wildfire" was released in April 2018 to raise awareness about bullying.  Alisha observed that a lot of times bullying behavior is fueled by others participation.  Her message:  BE YOU, BE STRONG, BE KIND. 

    "Invincible" was release in June 2018, and is about overcoming adversity, and finding the strength within to rise-up when others are trying to tear you down.

    "Be You," released in October 2018, is about staying true to yourself.  While still in a traditional school, Alisha saw and felt the pressure kids put on each other to change their style, likes and personality to "be cool" and "fit-in;" and wanted to encourage kids to stay true to themselves.  It's okay to be smart, strong, creative, different, trustworthy, honest or a little out-there and "flawesome."

    "Lemonade," Alisha's most recent original, was release in July 2019.  Like most of her music, Lemonade was inspired by a real life situation.  Faced with having to move and the knowledge of her dog becoming terminally ill, she started writing.  Writing music has always been Alisha's way of working through things.

    She wishes there was more "age appropriate," positive music for young kids.  She hopes to fill that gap, inspiring others to follow their heart and be kind to all.